Difference between an `intellectual` and a `scholar`:

Posted by Magellanic Cloud on August 21, 2006

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Difference between an `intellectual` and a `scholar`:

Who is ‘intellectual’ – can be better understood if we differentiate between an ‘intellectual’ and a ‘scholar’.

A ‘scholar’ is that person who takes decisions or guides others on the basis of his vast ‘book’ knowledge. He can be expert of Christian, Jewish, Islamic, or some other religion’s sacred books, or can be expert of any other discipline of study like Philosophy, Science or any other discipline.

An ‘intellectual’ on the other hand is one who uses or applies his own ‘intellect’. Using his ‘intellect’ or ‘rationality’, he thinks over various issues relating to Universe, self, life, social life etc. As a result of his ‘rational thinking’, he forms his own opinions about those issues and in this way makes his own theories. Thus an ‘intellectual’ is that person who makes his own theories and knowledge using his ‘intellect’ or ‘rationality’.


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