Narrow Mindedness, Close Mindedness, Open Mindedness & Broad Mindedness:

Posted by Magellanic Cloud on August 25, 2006

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Narrow Mindedness:

A view of a person or society that only we are right and all others are wrong.

Close Mindedness:

It is another ‘we’ attitude of a person or society whereby the person or society considers itself on the right. This society, however tends to account for the superior position of other contemporary nations by thinking that other nations have become mightier just because they have taken all their good principles from ‘us’. In this way, this close-minded society considers it un-necessary to absorb or take any good idea or approach of other mightier nations. This society closes down its own mind for any alien good idea or approach and that’s why it is named ‘close minded’ society.

Open Mindedness:

It is such a view of person who accepts that learning comes from our own mistakes as well as from the successes of others. An open-minded person is receptive to all the available information whether that information has its roots in his own culture or not. Doors of his mind are not closed for alien ideas. Doors of his mind are open so that’s why he is ‘open-minded’ person.

Broad Mindedness:

An open-minded person if gets maximum possible information on the issues from all the sources of information, his mental horizon becomes vast. Now he does not think just for his own self, or his own nation or culture. He becomes ‘international’ in his approach and then tends to think for the humanity and universe as a whole.

In contrast with above mentioned ‘narrow mindedness’, ‘close mindedness’ and ‘open mindedness’, ‘broad mindedness’ would be such a view that others are not always wrong and we are not always right.

Note: ‘Narrow Mindedness’ is the characteristic of powerful nations whereas ‘close mindedness’ is the characteristic of those weak nations who were powerful in historical times.


4 Responses to “Narrow Mindedness, Close Mindedness, Open Mindedness & Broad Mindedness:”

  1. zahranaqvi said

    Khuram you again proved your competence. You make things clear in a very simple way and that expression makes it easy to understand for a lay man even.
    Keep it up!

  2. Tomas said

    Dear Khuram, I am glad to bookmark you site that I am reading as a vocabulary. It would be good in case your precise definitions could help us in starting the conversation. What do we need? The refreshing smile or the cold not?

  3. khuram said

    @ Tomas

    Well, these ‘precise’ definitions are basically the points of view of such a person who thinks that he belongs to a ‘closed minded’ society. Since you may belong to some different type of society, or at least you may think so, your point of view, therefore can be different.

    We can ensure preciseness and consistency in our opinions but perhaps it is the truth that we cannot get the surety as to the ‘truthness’ of our opinions.

    Thanks for bookmarking this site. I would definitely try to share some more ‘precise’ and ‘consistent’ definitions.

    And since we cannot be sure about truth in this way, so we can take these things just for the sake of refreshing smiles.

    Just Enjoy it!


  4. Ahmed said

    Hey.. Dude..
    Good Thinking…
    I m not Agree with u ..on what you written about ” NARROW MINDNESS ” .. Can you Explain It A Little More?

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