Objective General Knowledge or ‘Material Objective Information’:

Posted by Magellanic Cloud on August 30, 2006

Objective ‘General Knowledge’:

Objective knowledge is also an essential part of our overall general knowledge. All the objective knowledge, however does not seem essential for the effective functioning of our mind system. The essential objective knowledge seems to be the abstract component of that objective knowledge.

For example in Genetics, DNA molecule consists of a ladder, formed of sugars and phosphates, and four nucleotide bases, adenine (A), thymine (T), cytocine (C), and guanine (G). The genetic code is specified by the order of the nucleotide bases and gene possesses a unique sequence of base pairs. The sequence of these bases is used to locate the position of genes on chromosomes.

In the above mentioned example, following entities are material in nature i.e. not the abstract components.

i. Sugars
ii. Phosphates
iii. Nucleotide bases
iv. Adenine
v. Thymine
vi. Cytocine &
vii. Guanine

The above mentioned entities are ‘material objective’ in nature. In my opinion, for the sake of just general knowledge, it is not necessary to memorize these kinds of entities and that our mind can store the general knowledge about the overall structure of the DNA without any kind of memorization of these entities.

The following entities in the example are not material in nature but are abstract entities. We can consider these entities as the abstract type objective information.

i. A
ii. T
iii. C
iv. G
v. bases
vi. backbone molecule

In my opinion, the general knowledge of only these entities and of their inter-relationship is essential in order to have a satisfactory general knowledge about the structure of DNA.

These entities have been considered ‘abstract’ because instead of using A, T, C & G, we can use M, N, O, & P and still can comprehend the overall structure of DNA.

But the ‘material entities’ such as sugars, phosphates, adenine etc. cannot be replaced by salt, nitrogen, oxygen etc. We have to use only sugars, phosphates and adenine etc. in laboratory. And in the laboratory, general knowledge will not be used.

The practical process would be that I would have the general knowledge about A, T, C, G and bases etc. but with this general knowledge I would not be able to perform laboratory experimentation. To do or to perform laboratory experimentation, material knowledge also would be required.

We can get the required ‘material knowledge’ from any good book on genetics and can perform the laboratory experiments while having the abstract concepts in mind and having the book open before us giving all the required material information. So the knowledge of the ‘material entities’ is not necessary to be memorized.

In routine, to have general knowledge of abstract entities only, can be considered as ‘concept’. For example if I have general knowledge of the abstract entities such as A, T, C and G and of their inter-relations – I say that I have ‘concept’ of DNA structure.


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