Difference between a ‘Story’ and a ‘Novel’:

Posted by Magellanic Cloud on October 8, 2006

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‘Story’ is a description of some inter-related course of events that usually has a meaningful (happy or tragic) end. ‘Novel’ is different from ‘story’ in that it is not just description of ‘events’ because it also describes the details of environment plus the feelings, emotions and thinking of various characters. A good novel makes us feel that we are also a part of that environment. Some novels may not have any end. Story of novel proceeds slowly due to its details about environment etc.

Also see some relations and differences between Novel and Drama on this post.

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10 Responses to “Difference between a ‘Story’ and a ‘Novel’:”

  1. zahranaqvi said

    Well done Khuram, you have differentiated interlinked concepts comprehsively and precisely. Your blog is really informative having philosophical colour in all the posts.

    Keep it up! Your work is really awesome and proves your talent.

  2. Khuram said

    very very nice mr. khuram
    whats your age?
    u r looking so much intelligent and it has been proved

  3. ZAIGHUM said

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  4. wizzbuzz said

    Thanks a lot. That was very helpful

  5. nguakem said

    It is realy good to study beacaus you learn more and more and more things every day

  6. muhammad umer toori said

    What about poetic plays of Shakespeare and its esoteric dimension?
    A Novel can also be about a single central character, who domintes the story; have you read Ivan the fool, Anna karein?

  7. Muhammad Umer Toor said

    To improve one’s writings, which are ‘intellectual’ (as per the definition of Babar Sahb), then one should learn when to reject a criticism and when to accept it. If they are approving, reject them; and accept only if they are disappointing to you.

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