Some Relations & Differences between ‘Novel’ & ‘Drama’:

Posted by Magellanic Cloud on January 2, 2007

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Some Relations & Differences between ‘Novel’ & ‘Drama’:

Drama is more similar to Novel than with Story. In a story, the writer describes the events; in Novel, he also describes details of environment and thinking/ feeling of various characters. In Drama, ‘environment’ and ‘thinking/ emotions’ of characters are not ‘described’ but are ‘presented’. Environment is presented through stage design whereas thinking/ emotions of characters are presented through background music plus facial expressions etc. of actors (i.e. characters). A Story proceeds in the form of just description of interrelated course of events. Novel states the background of its story just like in short stories but rest of the proceedings is ‘evolved’ out of description of environment and interactions between characters. It means that author of a Novel doesn’t tell all the story to readers because here readers have to understand the story proceedings out of the description of situations that are faced by characters as well as out of dialogues between those characters.

In Drama, everything including background, emotions and dialogues between characters are not ‘described’ but are ‘presented’. All the story proceedings shall come out of dialogues between characters or even out of ‘self-talking’ of characters because this ‘self-talking’ technique is often used in Dramas with the view to ‘present’ the background of the story of Drama. Unlike a Novel, In Drama, even the relationship between characters is not described. Audience should understand the relationship between those characters just out of type of interaction between those characters or out of exchange of dialogues between them.


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  1. dua sarfaraz said

    its really a nice effort thanx

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  3. You completed a few fine points there. I did a search on the subject and found most persons will have the same opinion with your blog.

  4. Mueni said

    Drama receives its realization by acting,novel is read

  5. yrrrrrrrr it is similarly nyc but some points r mising]


    well…..thats really a good effort so far but this topic would be clear if it would hv been clearified more…………….

  7. camille said

    Ok Gud

  8. Veenu Khan said

    you have done a great job.thanks for helping me.

  9. Anuradha said

    this topics very nice very use

  10. Dombeeeeckk said


  11. martial affairs…

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  12. techyas said

    i showed it to my school and they liked it in the drama class

  13. Bharat said

    Thanx 4 help its really nice

  14. Litsa Sekhar said

    Thanx 4 being a grt help .your answer has helped me prepare for my test.
    thanx a lot. but had u givn more points it wud have been crystal clear..

  15. makewa said

    Thax alot. this is some smart work and has helped prepare for the exam. mind u add more?

  16. beffany_brahh said

    it was very very helpful now i now the relationships:0000

  17. shrushti said

    thanks yaar

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