Humans build Multi-Story Buildings and then use them for Suicide. Why?

Posted by Magellanic Cloud on January 12, 2007

Humans build Multi-Story Buildings and then use them for Suicide. Why?

Human behavior is really very complex. Humans live two types of life which are (i) their physical life and; (ii) their mental and psychological life. Humans tend to find happiness in material goods but fact is that happiness comes mainly from cordial and trustworthy relationships with other fellow beings. Negative or insulting behavior or even expectation of such behavior of others can lead a person to such extreme things as suicide. Then people use their own material goods for the purpose of suicide.


One Response to “Humans build Multi-Story Buildings and then use them for Suicide. Why?”

  1. mdejess said

    Dear Khuram:

    I want to congratulate you for your desire to express ideas in simple words. Thanks a lot.

    I wish however that you would come to your point quick and brief.

    To that end, you have to choose carefully a point of focus and build everything toward that point of focus; so that at least you will have covered one most sharp point adequately for people with my kind of simple mind to comprehend.

    I can learn so many things from you because you take time and trouble to digest ideas, and seek to put them in more simple intelligible words; and I am a simple person.

    You might tell me that your writing is not for people like myself, and in which I think you should reconsider your policy.

    Tell me what you think of Buddhism and the non-self; I think it is all nonsense; but such is the stuff of socalled profound teachings of systems like Buddhism, full of nonsense parading as depth.


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