What is Poetry?

Posted by Magellanic Cloud on January 12, 2007

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Poetry is the art of expressing passionate ideas in a balanced, composed and rhythmic form such that it could be sung or recited in a smooth and constant flow. Good poetry conveys maximum things through beautifully arranged just few words. Topics of poetry are often happy or sad general feelings of many people. An important characteristic of good poetry is that it expresses its contents in such a general way as to make it capable of many different types of interpretations. A person while reading some good poetry may feel as if his/ her own ideas, experiences and/ or feelings have been depicted by that piece of poetry.


12 Responses to “What is Poetry?”

  1. Amazing Khuram, You are really a gem person, the defination of yours is perfectly right. According to your definition my poetry can also be considered as something. ha ha

    Well Done Indeed

  2. Akhtar said

    Assalamualaikum Khuram
    once u have given me papers in which u wrote on Riba & Interest…remember????
    can u publish it here on ur website??
    am waiting…..
    take care
    and tell me what has Mr. Javed done abt ur important work, for which the delay was at his end…….

  3. Hyra said

    I’m deeply touched at the same time impressed by the posts of this realm. It seems that you have given alot of the time to you as a whole and your observations, philosophies and thinking-level in particular. While browsing through this blog I was caught of from the idea that you have so much to say and you are still in the progress of reflecting. Your life seems to be a complete pursuit of knowledge.

    Since I’m commenting on this particular entry so apparently due to my behaviour I’ll reflect on the idea. I do agree with your words to an extent that poetic is the rhythmic portray through words of one’s feeling and experiences, but I have observed it a couple of times that poetry fixes a person’s judgments and writing level in a certain medium, of which a very few try to come out and the least actually succeed. It is many times frustrating to see myself and others as well changing their thoughts, just for their poetry to rhyme and sound well! In this case (which is not very rare) a poet’s complete frame of some conclusions is changed because of a well-adopted medium. However, this doesn’t enforce on those who make their poetry rhyme and sound well and at the same time not violating with their perceptions and rationale of writing. But then again such poets are rare.

  4. khuram said

    @ Hyra

    Well… welcome to this blog. In fact I already had visited your blog and via your blog, had reached to a scientist’s website who is trying to refute Einstien’s Special theory of reletivity. And actually I contacted that scientist as well.

    Anyways thanks for reading this blog. And I am not any pursuit of knowledge … just attempting to chase some drops out of ocean of knowledge. And also thanks for sharing your views about poetry. What I think is that poetry can affect our behavior more than philosophies can do. But poetry (not all poetry however) takes towards extreme actions, whereas philosophies induce realistic, balanced and more rational attitude and behavior.


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  6. Tomas said

    Dear khuram,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and the question. I was very happy to hear you see the faces in my “abstractions”. It means you indeed hear the colors of my artwork, and your inquery is much more than just simple wondering. Thank you.

    Identity between the initial vision and the final result in the abstract digitals is the same as in the drawings that are made in classic style,- it is the same as in poetry. The way words are joined between didnt make the art-are just the tools, the means of expresssion.

    We either hear the eternities or reason ourselves. We either recognize “the faces” in what we are looking at a moment, or just play the coloring of shapes we have at hand.

  7. I could not of said it better.

  8. muhammad umer toor said

    i just wish to add few words of a great poet taken from his personal diary, Stray Reflections of Iqbal.
    “mathemtician can’t but a poet, enclose infinity in a line.”

  9. muhammad umer toor said

    Some more words from Iqbals “Stray Reflections”:
    Nations are born in the hearts of peots; they prosper and die in the hands of politicians.

    It is idle to seek logical truth in poetry. The ideal of imagination is beauty, not truth. Do not try to show a poets greatness by quoting passages from his works which, in your opinion, embody scientific truth.

    Prophet is only a practical poet.

    Philosophy ages; poetry rejuvenates.

    The world-spirit conceals the various phases of her inner life in symbols. The universe is nothing but a great symbol. But she never takes the trouble to interpret these symbols for us. It is the duty of the poets to interpret them and reveal their meaning to humanity. It would, therefore, appear that the poet and world spirit are opposed to each other; since the former reveals what the later conceals.

  10. muhammad umer toori said

    Contemplation and nature in the Perspective of Sufism:

    “There is Hermetic saying, ‘That which is lowest symoblises that which is highest’, expresses a basic law of the science of the symbolic interpretation of nature.
    The contemplative, by contemplating the phenomena of nature is carried beyond the intermediate realm of reason to the realm of pure forms or ‘Platonic ideas’ (‘alam al-jabarat). He studies nature not analyse it according to some conceptual scheme but to come to know himself through the analogy existing between the microcosm and the macrocosm.


    “It is natural then to see that sages and gnostics have again and again made use of immediate experience of the natural world to express the highest realities and to contemplate the spiritual world in the grand theophanies of nature. It is due to this law of universe analogy also that poetry has remained throughout the ages the language of seers and prophets, expressing in symbols and images what the language of prose cannot easily convey. Prose has always been more suitable for the expression of ideas belonging to the intermediate realm of reason, while poetry or other forms of expression which lend themselves easily to symbolism, such as music and geometry, have always been the suitable vehicle for the contemplative.”

    From Seyyed Hossien Nasr’s “Islamic thought and Life.”

  11. muhammad umer toori said

    Mistake notice:

    Beneath poetry-prose, actual word is “inverse analogy” rather than “universe analogy.” Please correct.

  12. wow owsum ur notes are very helpful plz add more notes on the study of drama. . . 🙂

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