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Sad Event — Death of our National Cricket Coach – Bob Woolmer:

Posted by Magellanic Cloud on March 19, 2007

Sad Event — Death of our National Cricket Coach – Bob Woolmer:
Written on: March 19, 2007

Before the news about Bob Woolmer’s initial unconsciousness, Geo TV was constantly presenting very bad insulting remarks of common audiance about Bob Woolmer, Inzimam and others, including the team as a whole. Those remarks were not making any proper sense and sounded very bad to me. I didn’t watch the match with Ireland, but the highlights were showing that Ireland, although was a new team, but was not any bad team at all. One factor behind our losing the match might be that we under-estimated a good team. Now try to think about all those who were putting insulting remarks against individuals, including Inzimam and Bom Woolmer; were they also not committing the same mistake…??? Were they mistakenly not under-estimating a good Iresh team…??? Then for why they were so badly criticizing the team with third-rate insulting remarks. And why Geo TV was presenting those third-rate comments? I did not see other TV channels, but Geo TV’s behaviour was really very immature.

If we lost the match, then it means that we as a Nation also had lost the match. Why to blame only team? We should try to evaluate our own behaviours and attitudes also. If we are not mature in our thinking and we openly present third-rate comments against our own individuals before International media, then how can we be mature in stadium…??? What International audiance might have got the message out of such remarks that our team was better model than players? Obviously, we do not pay any proper respect to our ownselves. Why should others respect us then…???

Bob Woolmer, our Coach, has died. Now we should stop our useless criticism on individuals. We should take some care of self-esteem of those individuals whose talents have been internationally recognized. If their own nation treats them so badly then how it is possible that they can get any psychological strength, which is vital for their performance…???

Bring the best player before me. I shall tell him, “You are bad player. You cannot play well. You are out of form. Your good days have gone. Your Coach is alien. He may not be sincere with you. Instead of playing, you should retire, etc. etc.” … and then let that player participate in World Cup match. My question is: What shall be his performance…???


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Lookism – Our tendency to discriminate bad-looking individuals:

Posted by Magellanic Cloud on March 18, 2007

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Lookism i.e. our tendency to discriminate bad-looking people prevails in our attitudes. Even small children discriminate bad-looking childs. Good looking childs don’t (at least tend to avoid) play with bad looking childs. They even beat them. Elders also pay less attention to bad looking childs. Individual’s appearance has very much to do with the over-all social status for him/ her. Bad apparence is bad but it becomes evil if it is artificial. Sometimes discussion on Lookism takes into consideration Darwin’s “Survival of Fittest Principle” as well. In that context, I agree only to a partial point that natural selection means tendency of selecting good looking and better life partners but I disagree to the survival of fittest principle. If fittest means good looking, or more healthy, or more intelligent or clever; then according to survival of fittest principle, majority population should consist of good looking, more healthy etc. people. This is not true not only for humans, but for other animals as well. Majority human population consists of ordinary looking common people. In animals, “superior” breeds of animals are in so much minority that even the future survival of many of those breeds is in danger. Many superior and the fittest species already have been extinguished. Total number of Lions, Tigers, and Elephants etc. are not more than some thousands in our present world. Whereas the most inferior species i.e. bacteria is the majority species of world.

Bad appearance is bad in the sense that it does not give pleasant feelings to observers. On the other side, to discriminate, or to misbehave with bad looking individuals is also bad because it hurts other fellow beings. One way to counter this ethical problem is to educate people to pay some sort of artificial good treatment to bad looking people. The other way is that bad looking people should try to become good looking, even artificially. I just recently have started watching TV regularly. I think it is the ad of “Nikhar” beauty cream where at first a boy comments for a somewhat bad looking girl that he shall “decide to marry her after thinking”. After it, the girl starts using “Nikhar” beauty cream. And as a result, ball goes to the court of girl and now girl says: “I shall decide to marry him after thinking”.

Micheal Jackson is good example of an attempt to look good, even artificially. Anyways, Bad looking couple would reproduce bad looking offspring. Good-looking couple would reproduce good-looking offspring. But if one partner in couple is good looking and the other is bad looking, then offspring shall be better than bad looking. The diffusion of white man with Negro has taken place in the recent history of America. The resulting whole new generation is having chocolate like colour.

Its rational result is that good-looking people should try hard to find good-looking people as their partners and bad looking people also should try hard to make good-looking people as their partners. It is a strange result. But it is the only way to upgrade the over-all appearance quality of humanity’s next generations.

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