Do we get wisdom through success? or through failure?

Posted by Magellanic Cloud on October 15, 2008

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Failure and success both can give wisdom. Success takes you above … in skies … Your view ultimately broadens. You see things from above.

Failure may take you closer to your own self. You can better understand your own existence. Failure may take you to the depths. Your view deepens.

Not all people get wisdom though success or failure. Those who can get wisdom, get it from both failures and successes.


7 Responses to “Do we get wisdom through success? or through failure?”

  1. M Umer Toor said

    Did you Sir?

  2. khuram said

    Failures and successes are part of my life. Did I get any wisdom? Answer depends on your definition of wisdom. Wisdom is a subjective issue. But to be “imaginative” or “unimaginative” was an objective issue. You cannot call a person “unimaginative” if he does imagine (may be right or wrong) things!

  3. muhammad umer toori said

    Thanks. But where does it lead me to? An idiot like me doesn’t know…

  4. khuram said

    Ok. Leave it. I just thought because of one of your entry in someone’s orkut scrapbook.

  5. Again here what do you mean by success and failure and how do you measure it? Bolt may want to create world record in 100 metres though he won the race, he could not create the record. Is it a success or failure?
    A woman wants to make her husband henpecked. She succeeds and finds that he is no longer a Man.Is she successful or failed as a woman but succeeded as a person.

  6. wouter said

    Wisdom to me is only valid if you improve yourself through experiencing life. Do you get wisdom through success or failure? – I’d say yes to both. Sometimes one has to experience failure to understand ourselves and to avoid future failures related to this failure. So either way – you learn, but it’s still your personal choice to remember and apply it in your future. If you fail and did not learn from it – then you didn’t gain any wisdom. You can actually learn from other’s mistakes and gain wisdom without experiencing it. Wisdom (for me) is a powerful tool that can be used in any situation. Wisdom & Logic comes from experience/ age – weather it be a good or a bad experience – you CAN learn from all.

  7. khuram said


    Thanx for sharing your valuable views.

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