Society, Culture and Civilization. What they mean?

Posted by Magellanic Cloud on December 29, 2008

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If members of same species live together and facilitate each other’s lives by performing their specific role, then they constitute SOCIETY.

Not only humans, many animals also live in “societies”.

Term CULTURE should be specific to only human societies. Culture is the “material” and “immaterial” LOOKS of any human society.

Housing arrangements, types of buildings, roads and streets, means of communication, means of production of goods and services, level of technology, type of dressing, types of foods etc. etc. constitute the MATERIAL CULTURE of human societies.

On the other hand; language, idologies, beliefs, religion, customs, traditions, music, art etc. constitute IMMATERIAL CULTURE of human society.

Civilization means level of political and social organization of human society, level of ethical and moral standards of individuals of society; integrity, honesty and manners of individuals of that society etc.


4 Responses to “Society, Culture and Civilization. What they mean?”

  1. Umer Toor said

    Enjoyed it!

    As for the material part, name an invention or skill humans do that non-human creatures cannot….?

    Yeah, grace seems to be very reason along with humanities, sciences, “need”/natural urge for theoretical understanding…

    (I tried to post a comment last year, but many a times failed to do so…)

  2. khuram said

    Material Culture includes only man-made (artificial) things. Can you name any “animal-made” thing…??? Except for some basic tools that Chimps made???

  3. Shelvi said

    You are one of the best person whose articles I like very much. I would like you consider Srilanka and it’s ethnic problem and give us clues to solve the problem peacefully as you are the most intelligent person to solve this problem from Asia.

    • khuram said

      Thank you Shelvi, for such appreciating comments. Well … I only try to present abstract concepts in simple words. I do not try to give or impose any vision for the solution of practical social problems. But these and other abstract concepts however act as “Vision Enhancers”. They help in reaching at better vision of particular scenarios. I only try to give an approach. A way of forming understandings. And secondly we know Sri Lanka is land of brave (Tiger) people. They are not passive nation and they have eventual capacity to meet any challenge. Regards!

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