Khuram Rafique Babar

I am Khuram. Here, in this blog, I have tried to explain my points of views that mostly relate to the Philosophy of Mind and Knowledge. Most of my small articles on these issues are interlinked in the sense that I may have defined some concept in one article whereas I might refer to that concept in another discussion of some other article. So essentially, there is no starting or ending point of my writings. If I have to understand my own self, then I should try to understand all my small articles and just how they are interlinked with one another. My other topics include General Philosophy as well as Philosophy of Science. Some of my writings also relate to National and International Affairs.



44 Responses to “Khuram Rafique Babar”

  1. Proem said

    My heartiest congratulations for such a sophisticated, more important meaningful website. I liked colour scheme the most and the “anchor-type” symbol which is the indispensable element of the TEMPLATE/THEME you chose while building this page of yours. I would definitely like to comment on your pieces, but I ll do it after I become able to learn a bit of philosophy.

    Keep writing,
    All the best for your Career.aameen.

  2. AoA Khuram,

    Nice to see your blog in such a good theme. I tried a lot to have same but couldn’t succeed, so pray for my blog also. Secondly just let me go through your work and then i’ll come up with post mortem of some of your writings.
    And yes keep on visiting my blog also in order to prepare for new attacks.


  3. pinki said

    hi,congratulation on this marvellous effort,,carry on …i really like this topic which u have started….ur site will b of gr8 help for me coz its my favourite topic also …so best of luck ..keep on sharing ur valuable ideas
    …whish u best of luck

  4. zahranaqvi said

    Asslam u allikum Khurrum,
    Its really an inspiration to have a philosophical and creative person like you within an easy access. Your diligent work will prove an inspiration for all the readers Inshahllah. You have done a great job by making your efforts available for those eager learners who want to satisfy the queries of mind.
    Best wishes for future.

  5. Adil Memon said


    Dear Khurram (Ambassador), i’m realy impressed by the great mission you’ve undertaken. Finally, the best philosopher-cum-thinker in the world, known to me, is out on a peregrination to explore the most sensitive part of the most complex machine i.e. human brain.

    Brother, keep the good work up. I’ll be observing your moves closely, lest you fall into the evil trap of dilemma.

    Best of luck, with regards,

    Adil Memon

  6. ruba said

    dear brother salam how are you i am very happy to see such a nice work plz carry on take care best of luck

  7. shabana said

    I just have a look on your site … soon I will study it all then be able to comment it
    take care bye


    DEAR BABAR, (khurram)
    Congratulation for this great effort…I really like this topic over which u hav been working for last many years. I appreciate. Best of luck. Keep on sharing your valuable ideas. Wish u best of luck. Keep smiling and be happy because you are my best even fast friend.

  9. Saba Ejaz said

    Hey Khurram!

    It’s really cool to see you undertaking such a wonderful and amazing endeavour. Though I didn’t read all the stuff, but surely now I’ll take some time to read all the awesome things you have contributed here. You rock!!!!!Keep it up!!!!!!!!

  10. Tomas said

    Your posts attract with the simplicity of the writing that convince much more than the most argumentated reasoning can do. Thank you. I am glad to come to your blog and to rest in the sincerity. However, in case we have started the talk over the essence of openheartedly, I must say that it is possible either to love or to talk about the love.

    Your wish to describe human mind looks grand, yet is it possible? One leaves the footprints, other examine them. However, the both are lead not by their understanding of the reality that they encounter and leave behind but by the divine light that gifts as the life as the goal to discover the Creator of all for to enjoy the divine presence and to grow in gratitude to God.

  11. khuram said

    @ Tomas
    Thanks a lot for your comments. I must say that description of human mind is not possible. The possible thing is the description of our understanding of mind. We should hope that our own understanding, at least would partially give the discription of pure human mind also.
    And yes,, our understandings themselves are the precious gifts by the Creator of all. Thats why we should hope that our own understandings must contain, however limited, the element of reality also.

  12. Think said

    Sir, i m vary pleased to see this site. your all work is Fantastic and you have done a great job! i have read many topic of Philosophy and “compound and invalid ideas” is vary intersting! Actually, i m in hurry. i’ll comment you later ..
    Best Of Luck and Keep Going!

  13. khuram said

    @ Think

    Thanks for the nice comments and for such goods words of appreciation.


  14. sabaun said

    well,excellent khuram,
    ur work is realy appreciable,,,,i read ur two articles about iqbal’s philosophy,,,,,i found that very very useful and meaningful for me,,,,,and perhaps that is the real image of iqbal and his philosophy,that u presented in those articals….
    one question that i would like 2 ask is that….what is ur qualification?

  15. Wzee said

    Aoa Brother, i’m a high school student and currently started a with basic philosophy course….HISTORY OF IDEAS…..i am working on a thesis to explain how culture and religion are contradicting the islamic shariah…i.e we as teens take up our parents and society as the authority of knowledge but with the current double standards of our society its hard for us to decide what’s the RIGHT or WRONG thing….could u pls suggest any articles or books or any ideas….tthat can help me to further explore and write on this issue….thnx

  16. Akhtar said

    once upon a time there was a boy who loved a girl, girl was much pretty but boy was blind………
    boy expresses his wish to marry that girl.
    one day he had got eyes from a person (person was not disclosed by the doctor) that boy wanted to has a 1st look to his beloved, when she was infront of him, he was much astonished/worried to see that she was also blind… then girl asked taht boy” will u marry me now?” boy denied to marry her. girl turned back and said him by wiping her eyes ” plz do take care of my eyes”…………………………………..

  17. Akhtar said

    hello khuram, i know that what i submit befor, doesnt belong to ur subject but i just wanted to write this so plz bear it………
    take care, i ll write in detail on any of ur subject but not now, later….

  18. khuram said

    @ Akhter

    You are welcome in any style.


  19. maxaside said

    I tagged the word philosophy and your blog popped up. Must say i am very excited, cannot wait to read. will comment ltr.
    ps. can’t believe you pulled off lime green, good stuff.

    all is as intended.

  20. Khurram said


    I looked at some articles on your website, including the section on probability as you suggested. There seems to be a common pattern to your writings. You display a faulty understanding of a concept and then declare the concept invalid. For example, you declare the theory of probability invalid because you actually threw a dice 102 times and didn’t get exactly 17 occurences of ‘3’ . Well, it is your understanding that is invalid and not the theory of probability. Same applies to several other articles of yours.

    It is apparent from the length of your articles that you have a lot of passion and energy for learning. It is my sincere advice that you seek guidance from qualified scholars on matters that interest you.

  21. khuram said


    Thanks for your comments. If you had read that article then you should not have missed the core point that logical relationship of top number is with just how i.e. at which angle and with how much force that dice was thrown. Top number has no logical relation with the number of times the dice was thrown. Secondly you have not proved any invalidity in my understanding. According to your logic, since my understanding is invalid, so my views on probability are also invalid.

    Anyway, my detailed reply is due on right place.


  22. Dear Khuram, I visited your site just serfing web and searching an essay on the topic of,”14 August, pakitan”. Anyhow your website is very cool and is a symble of peace. i wish to bulid as your. Pray for me.
    Wish you good luck.
    Allah Hafiz

  23. Atta said

    would u like to explain about ur self,..if yes then may be it more help us to understand you..

  24. Raza Rumi said

    A pleasant surprise to have reached your blog – this is a treasure of throughtful writing and intricate philosophical insights. I will spend more time here to prevent the decay of my rusty brain…!

    Keep it up, Raza
    P.S. thanks for visiting my blog

  25. Shyma said

    It was a pleasure to read a few of your posts, i have added you to my blog roll, hope to read a lot more of your interesting writing……

  26. Janan Mir said

    i would appreciate if any one of you including Mr.Khurram explains here following four concepts with some comparative analysis
    1. wahadat ul wajood
    2.wahadat ul shahood
    3. Existentialism
    4. Allama iqbal’s philosophy of Khudi

  27. Graham Mackenzie Spence said

    I loved your piece on the Mutazilites. This is a much-overlooked period of Islamic history and philosophy, particularly because of its appeal to westerners.

    It is interesting to note that the Umayyad caliphs and the Jacobite kings used the sophism of divine right to justify their existence. Perhaps this points out that the real clash is not between civilisations but between the rulers and the ruled. What if we should just ignore them and speak to each other directly by twinning people instead of cities. It would stop a lot of trouble.

    Graham Mackenzie Spence

  28. khuram said

    Thanks Graham Mackenzie Spence for your comments and valuable points.


  29. zahranaqvi said

    Khuram thanks for your kind words on my urdu poems. I was expecting your comments on “Pakistani Quom”. And wanted to know what your philosophical thoughts are saying about the recent situation. Waiting your comments……

  30. Idetrorce said

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  31. khuram said

    @ idetrorce

    Thanks for your comments. And I love disagreements;)

  32. 🙂

  33. M U Toor said

    I may start to, one day, value him more than my self. It’s only because that I’m too selfish now.

  34. M U Toor said

    But I don’t know why be values Ibn-3-Rushd,Farabi more than a simple believer? Maybe I’ve never asked him so.

  35. Azeem ur Rehman said

    Assalam o Alikum,

    in one word, your work is “excellent”. Please include question/answer section if possible. Again great effort, keep writing. may Allah shows you,me and all of us the right path. Ameen.

    Kind Regards,

  36. khuram said

    Wa-Alakum Salam Azeem,,,

    Thanks for the appreciation. Actually Question/answer section is available on every post/article in the form of “comments” to that individual post.

    Thanks again!

  37. Kamran Chaudhry said

    hi Khurram
    first of all many congrates on this landmark. your article has realy been a great source of support for the foundation of my research topic…. i wish you every success in life… keep it up sir…. all the best..


    kamran chaudhry

  38. khuram said

    Thanks a lot Kamran Chaudhry sahib for the appreciating comments. And best wishes for your research. Thanks again.

  39. ahmad said

    i wanna join it, kindly allow me

  40. khuram said

    @ Ahmed

    You can send your works to me. Offcourse If it is suitable, I will publish here. You can email me your works

  41. A.o.A Hi Khurram Bro
    i want to ask about the scope and pay (starting to further more) of computerized accounting.
    and the places of job.

  42. Huzaifa Butt said

    A.o.A Hi khurram Bro
    I want to ask about the scope and pay in starting to further of computerized accounting in pakistan and abroad aswell. and plaes of job. thank you . T.C HAv a nyc day 🙂

  43. javeria said

    AOA,I dont know much abt philosophy n its nt my cup of tea,but here i just want to appreciate ur effort which u r doing .i have read ur some of stuff they r damn gud n commendable.i must say u have deep understading of life n its issues.i ll go through more of ur interesting writing soon.
    my best wishes r with u .
    keep it up

  44. I blog quite often and I seriously thank you for your information. The article
    has truly peaked my interest. I’m going to take a note of your website and keep checking for
    new information about once a week. I subscribed to your RSS feed as well.

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